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Walk-and-Talk Therapy

Fresh Air + Movement + Nature = Whole Healing

We leave the traditional therapy setting behind and conduct our session outside while walking on the beach. You receive the benefits of therapy while integrating a more mindful, body oriented approach. 

Footprints on Sand
Footprints on Sand

Why Combine Walking and Therapy?

Integrating movement with therapy will activate different areas of your brain and strengthen your mind-body connection.

You experience the benefits of grounding yourself in nature, connecting to the rhythm of your breath, and calming your nervous system.

You have the opportunity to shift energy in your body, release physical tension and increase creativity.

You increase your feel good hormones which improves symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Footprints on Sand

What Can I Expect?

A truly unique, healing experience!

We meet at an easy to access, designated spot at a local beach. The first 40 minutes are spent walking and talking and the last 10 minutes are focused on visualization and grounding.

Palm Trees on a Beach
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